How Do I Play?

Q: How do I add students to Plickers? 

A:  You can add students in two ways: by manually typing in student names or by copying and pasting from a pre-existing roster.

See our Getting Started Guide for more information on getting set up in Plickers! 


Q: How do I add a question to Plickers? 

A: In Plickers, you can create Questions or Sets, which are groups of Questions. This allows you to display Content for students while you scan their responses. 

See our Content Overview for more information on creating Questions and Sets. 


Q: Can you laminate Plickers cards? 

A: It may seem tempting to laminate your Plickers cards to make them more durable for use with students. However, depending on the lighting in your classroom, lamination may interfere with or slow down the scanning process.

Instead of laminating your cards, we suggest 4 time-tested alternatives that teachers have successfully deployed in their classrooms to make their cards last: 

Download a free, printable set of Plickers cards today!  

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