Content Overview

In order to use Plickers cards with your students, you’ll need content to play! 

Types of content in Plickers include: 

  • Questions, which can be used individually or grouped into Sets. 
  • Sets, which are a group of Questions, that provide you with a faster way to play a group of Questions and track percentages and student responses for the entire Set. 

You can type in your own content or import it from another document.


Creating Content

On the web, go to your homepage at to create a new Question or Set. New content you create will automatically save to Your Library. Please note that you are not able to create content from the mobile app. 

With the free version of Plickers, you can: 

  • Add up to 5 Questions to each Set (you can make as many Sets or individual Questions as you'd like)
  • Enter answer choices for Graded mode, True/False mode, or mark a Question as a Survey (with no correct answer choices) 
  • Rearrange the order of Questions in a Set
  • Edit the layout 
  • Upload images 
  • Duplicate Questions 

With Plickers Pro, you can access additional features to help you create high-quality content: 

  • Add images quickly, using Plickers’ built-in image search
  • Add an unlimited number of Questions to each Set

See Creating and Editing Content for more information.

Organizing Your Content


You can organize the content in your Library just like you would organize files on your computer!

To organize your files, you can: 

  • Place Questions or Sets inside Folders
  • Nest Folders inside other Folders

Content can be further organized using Packs. Just like your Library, Packs can contain:

  • Sets 
  • Questions
  • Folders
  • Nested Folders

Plickers Pro users can also use Packs to share content with each other. See Sharing Content for more information on how to create Packs and share them with others.

To select multiple items to move them into Folders or Packs: 

  1. Hold down the Shift or Control key while clicking on items. 
  2. Once multiple items are selected, use the right-click menu or drag & drop to move items into Folders or Packs.

Use any combination of these functions to organize your content any way you’d like!

See Organizing and Finding Content for more tips on how you can quickly find your content. on.

Finding Your Content


Your Library is where your content is stored. You can browse the Packs, Folders, Questions, and Sets in your Library at any time. 

Within each section, items are listed alphabetically.

The Recent view shows a list of items you’ve recently interacted with. When you look at or edit an item, it will be moved to the top of your Recent list.

You can also use the Search bar at the top of your homepage to search for a word or phrase in the title or body of a Question or Set. This will search both your own Library and any Packs you’re a part of. Similarly, you can use the Filter bar to quickly refine the contents of a Folder or your Recent view. See Organizing and Finding Content for more tips on how you can navigate your Library to quickly find your content.

Using Your Content

When you’re ready to use a Question or Set in class, use the Now Playing button to show it to your students. 

See Playing your Content in the Classroom for a complete overview of how to queue up content, play it and show results to your Students.

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