Step 1: Add content to your Class Queue

By this point, you'll have created the Sets of questions you need for your Plickers session. From here on out, we'll be going through how to play those Sets to your students.

Build your Queue ready for a planned session

There are a couple of different ways to work with your Queue. You can do it on your laptop/computer at, or through the Plickers mobile app.

  • Here's how to use to build your Queue:

    1. Click on the Class you'd like to work with (from your left-hand sidebar)

      You'll be taken to the Class homepage, where you'll find the Queue section near the top of the page:

    2. If the content you require is on the suggested items list, click on 'Add'

    3. If you can't see your content, click on 'Search...'

      You can then use the search bar in the popup screen to find your content, and click 'Add'.

    4. Continue building your Queue

      Click the 'Add to Queue' button and repeat the process.

  • Here's how to use the Plickers mobile app to build your Queue:

    1. Open the Plickers mobile app

    2. Tap on the Classes icon (Classes.png) at the bottom of the screen

    3. Select the Class you'd like to work with

      You'll then see the following screen:

    4. Tap 'Add to Queue'

    5. Select the content you'd like to add

    6. Repeat from step 4 until everything you need is queued up

When your Queue is complete, you can start playing your content, which is the next step in this guide.

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Play content on-the-fly during class

It's also possible to push an item to the front of the Queue and play it straight away in class. Look for the Play Now button after selecting your content at, or the mceclip0.png icon to the left of your Set titles in the app.

Organize your Queue

If you want to remove something from your Queue, or tweak the order in which your content will play, check out our how-to guide here.

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