Inviting & Managing Members

Since Packs are shared files used collaboratively, Plickers will automatically create a hierarchy of different user permissions when you share a Pack. This ensures that only authorized users can modify content and helps to keep the Pack more organized.


Sharing Permissions 

To be able to use Shared Packs, you will need to be a Plickers Pro member. Each Pack will have three different roles: admins, editors and members. 

When you create a new Shared Pack, you will automatically admin privileges. Each Pack will have a sole admin. Pack admins can:

  • Make changes to the Pack and its content
  • Add other teachers to the Pack 
  • Remove other teachers from the Pack 
  • Change other users’ roles

Newly invited users will be invited to be Pack editors by default. Pack editors can: 

  • Make changes to the Pack and its content
  • Add other teachers to the Pack 

Pack members can:

  • View and play all Pack content

Inviting other teachers to a Shared Pack 


  1. From the left-hand sidebar on your homepage, click on Packs
  2. Select the Pack you would like to share. 
  3. On the right-hand side of the page, select the Invite button.  
  4. Enter the emails for people you would like to share the Pack with. 
    • Use the email exact address associated with their Plickers account. 
    • If you use an email that doesn’t have a Plickers account associated with it, you can send an invitation to join Plickers. Once the teacher creates a Plickers account, you can invite them to join the Pack again. 
  5. Alternatively, you can click on Publish Pack. For more information on how you can publish content with Plickers, see our page on the Plickers Creator Program!

Once you’re already connected to another user via a Shared Pack, we’ll suggest their name when you start typing their name or email address. To protect our users’ privacy, we don’t suggest users unless you’ve previously connected with them on Plickers.

Changing Other Users’ Roles 


  1. On the web, sign in to your account.
  2. Select the Pack that you would like to use. 
  3. On the far right-hand side of the page, click on the Invite button. 
  4. This opens the Invite dialog, which allows you to view and manage which users have access to the Pack and adjust their roles. The Invite dialog displays the list of current members and any pending invitations. 
  5. Click on an individual user to modify their permission settings. 


Joining a Shared Pack 

  1. On the web, sign in to your account.
  2. When you’re invited to a Pack, Plickers will show the Pack in your left-hand sidebar and Library along with a small notification icon; you will also receive an email notification.
  3.  When you open the Pack, you will see a preview of its content. You have the option to join the Pack or dismiss the invitation. 

If you don’t have Plickers Pro, you’ll need to start a trial or upgrade your account before you can join a Shared Pack.

Using Content from Shared Packs

  • As a member of a shared Pack, you can play and queue content in the same way you would with content that you created yourself.  Visit Playing Your Content in the Classroom for detailed tips. 
  • You’ll see shared Packs you’ve joined alongside your own Packs on your left-hand sidebar and at the top of your Library, and when you use the search bar, you’ll see Shared content alongside your own content.
  • After using Shared content with Students, you’ll be able to access results in Reports and Scoresheet in the same way you would for content you created yourself. See our Scoresheet or Set Reports help pages to understand how to better interpret your Students’ results. 
  • As a member of a Shared Pack, your Students’ results will never be shared with any other users.

Leaving Shared Packs


To leave a Shared Pack:

  1. From your homepage, find the Pack that you would like to leave. 
  2. Use click the three-dot icon at the top-right of the Pack’s main screen and choose Leave Pack.

If you leave a Pack or are removed from a Pack, it will be removed from your account and you will lose access to its content for future plays. However, any Reports or Scoresheet showing results from Shared Pack Content will remain in your account. 

After an admin leaves a Pack, other members will still have access to it. If you are the last admin in a Shared Pack and you choose to leave, Plickers will give all editors (or all viewers, if there are no editors) the admin role. To permanently delete a Shared Pack, remove all other members first.

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