Organizing and Finding Content

There are many ways to organize your content within Plickers, and we've designed the platform so that finding what you need is nice and straightforward.

Folders & Packs

Your Questions and Sets are stored in your Library, where they can be organized using Folders and Packs.

Folders work just like folders on your computer. You can put Questions or Sets inside Folders and nest those Folders inside other Folders.


The Folder an item is in has no bearing on how it will appear in Reports or Scoresheet. Use a Set if you want the results of a series of questions to be grouped together. See the help sections on Scoresheet and Set Reports for more information.

Just like your Library, Packs are a top-level organizational tool that can contain Folders, Sets, and Questions. Folders can be nested in Packs just like in your Library. If you’re using Plickers Pro, you can use Packs to share content with other Plickers Pro users.


Clicking on an item in your Library or a Pack will select it. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple items at once. Move your selected items to a Folder or Pack using drag & drop. You can also right-click on your selection or use the right-side preview panel to access additional actions.



Use the Search Bar at the top of your screen to search all of your content. Type in a word or phrase and you’ll see results pulled from your Sets, Questions, Folders, Packs, and Reports. Click on an item in the list to open it, or hit Enter to see all your results.


The Search Bar will exclude any items in your Trash. To open your Trash, click the three-dot icon in your Library and choose View Trash from the drop-down menu.


Use the small Filter bar to quickly find an item from within a list of content in Library, Reports, Recent, or a specific Folder. This will only search for text in the names of items.


When you interact with a Set or Question, that item will move to the top of the list in your Recent view.



To delete an item from your Library or a Pack, move it to Trash. Items sent to Trash are not deleted permanently until you decide to empty Trash. If you have mistakenly sent something to Trash, find it in your Trash and use the Restore button to return it to your Library or Pack.


Each Pack has its own, independent Trash. Items sent to your Pack Trash will not show up in your Library Trash, just like items in your Pack are not also saved in your Library.

If you delete a Pack, that Pack, along with all of the content inside of it, will be gone forever and cannot be restored.

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