Accessing the Plickers mobile app - troubleshooting

Use this article if:

  • You cannot log in to your mobile app
  • You can log in to on your computer


If you cannot log in to either the mobile app or, please head over to the article linked here. And if you're seeing delayed communication between the app and during a class, please read through the article linked here.

Diagnosing your issue

To diagnose why you're not able to access the Plickers mobile app, please move through the following steps:

1. Does the mobile app close as soon as you open it (from the blue start/logo screen)?

  • Please check to see if there is an update available for the Plickers app. Here's how:

    1. Search in your application store for Plickers
    2. Tap the Plickers entry
    3. Check to see if the update button is available
    4. Tap 'Update'
    5. Try logging in to the Plickers app again
      More info

    For more detail on updating your app, please see our dedicated article linked here.

    If the above doesn't help, please move on to the next toggle box.
  • You might want to try kickstarting the app into action by uninstalling and re-installing it. However, please take care with this option. Only try this if you can definitely see all the student results you are expecting in the Reports section of

    i.e. you'll need to be sure that everything has fully synced between the mobile app and before you delete the app. If this isn't the case, we can help you with that (, or you can follow the steps in the bottom toggle box within the article linked here.

    If a re-install doesn't help, please move on to the next toggle box in this section.

  • On rare occasions, this kind of issue can be caused if there is an error with a content item currently open in your Class Queue.

    So, the next step is to close your open sessions from, before re-installing the app again. Here's how:

    1. Log in to on your computer
    2. Select a Class from the left-hand sidebar
    3. Check the Queue to see if there is an item showing as 'In Progress'
    4. If that's the case, select Mark Done for that item
    5. Repeat this process for your other Classes if necessary
    6. Try deleting and re-installing the app again

    This should hopefully solve the issue for you. If not, please write to us at with a brief note outlining what you've tried - we'll have a look into the problem on our side.

  • Please move on to the next question below.

2. Do you see the following error message when you try to log in:

Cannot send request. Please check internet connection.
  • Please move on to the next question.

  • Please take note of the error message you do see, and take the action that it suggests.

      More info

    For information on the possible error messages you might see, please head over to the article linked here.

    If you need any further assistance with this, please contact and include the error message in your email (a screenshot would be ideal too).

3. Are you using your school wifi network to connect on your mobile device?

  • Please try turning off your phone's wifi connection and use your mobile data to log in to the Plickers app, and then move on to the next question below.

  • Please get in touch with us at and let us know what you've tried (a screenshot showing your issue would be very helpful too).

4. Are you able to log in to the app using your mobile data connection?

5. Are you using a school-provided device?

  • There is probably a setting activated on your device that is preventing access to the Plickers app. Again, your IT team should be able to help, but please also let us know (at that you're seeing this problem.

  • Please send us a message at with a little bit of info on the steps you've tried and the error message you're seeing.

Temporary workarounds

Here are some workarounds you can try while your issue is being investigated:

  • Try turning off your wifi on your device and using your mobile data connection to access the app
  • If you're using a school-provided mobile device, try logging in to the app using your personal mobile device

A Plickers session can also be conducted offline, but you'll only be able to use your mobile app. The results will be stored until an internet connection is established for both your app and computer. For more info, please click here.


We hope the above is useful. Sometimes this kind of problem can require a bit of investigation, so we're sorry we can't provide a definitive solution here. We'll be sure to look into the problem as soon as possible upon receiving your email to

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