What is Plickers Pro?

Q: What do I get with a Plickers Pro subscription?

A: Plickers is always available for free to teachers. However, you can join Plickers Pro to gain access to time-saving features!

For more information about upgrading your account, see our Membership and Fees section.  

Feature Free Account Plickers Pro
  Unlimited Classes X X
  Unlimited Students X X
  Design an unlimited number of Sets X X
  Create Sets with 5 Questions X X
  Create Sets with unlimited Questions   X
  Use layout templates to customize your Questions X X
  Instantly add images to Questions with built-in image search   X
  Use Packs to collaborate with other members of the Plickers Pro community   X
  Unlimited Reports X X
  Review 30 days of student results at a time X X
  Access students’ results with custom, unlimited date ranges   X
  Customer Support    
  Priority support – jump to the front of the support queue with your questions   X

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