What is Plickers?

For teachers all over the world, Plickers is a revolutionary way to collect instant multiple-choice responses from students, without requiring them to have clickers, computers, or tablets.

By using a printed card with a design unique to each student, our iOS and Android apps allow teachers to scan student responses and respond in real-time.

Plickers can turn assessments or check-ins into opportunities for play, engaging students by empowering them to share what they know. As a teacher, you can use student results to address misconceptions, tailor instruction, and inform long-term planning.

Plickers is data without devices.

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Q: Who created Plickers?

A: From its earliest days in a Bay Area math classroom to over 180 countries worldwide, Plickers is committed to creating tools that ensure better learning outcomes for all students!

Plickers’s founder, Nolan Amy, drew upon his experiences as a Teach for America corps member teaching high school math to create Plickers. He found that traditional assessment methods didn’t provide real-time insight into what every single student in the class understood. To solve this problem, he began to experiment with various prototypes in the classroom. After working with start-up accelerator Imagine K-12 to refine its product, Plickers launched in 2013.

The Plickers team continues to develop a product that empowers teachers to use students’ results to drive better teaching and learning!


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