What is Plickers?

Plickers is a free, accessible and engaging educational tool used by millions of teachers around the world to assess their students and collect instant results in the classroom.

The Plickers platform has been designed with accessibility as a top priority, meaning it's perfect for the vast majority of educational settings. Students answer questions by holding up unique cards, so there's no need for student devices or accounts, and sessions can even be taken offline if no internet connection is available.

As the teacher, you will have access to a free Plickers account. These are designed for individual use,  which will allow you to create a bespoke online environment that's tailored to your own unique teaching schedule.

How does Plickers work?

There are three main stages to using Plickers:


  1. Before a session: Prepare Classes and questions   

    During set-up, teachers use for two main tasks:

    • Add student rosters to Plickers Classes, and assign each student a card number
    • Put together a library of multiple-choice questions (in the form of Sets) to play to their students
  2. In the classroom: Play questions and scan student cards   

    During class, Plickers teachers display content to their students through the Now Playing feature of Students will provide their answers by holding up their Plickers cards and orientating them in a certain way.


    The Plickers mobile app is then used to scan the cards to collect student answers, and to control the session by revealing correct choices and moving through questions within a Set.

  3. After class: Store and review student results   

    When a Plickers session is complete, student reports and scoresheets are provided at, which can be used to keep track of individual and collective performance over time. It's even possible to download results for further analysis.

What do I need?

There are three components that make up Plickers. Click on the toggle menus below to find out more about each:

  • This the central hub of the platform and is best used via a laptop or computer. As a teacher, it's where you'll add your classes, write (or search for) questions, and keep track of student results over time.

  • The main job of the mobile app is to scan cards in the classroom (so logging student answers). You can also use it to play your content and display instant results, so we like to think of it as the remote control for your Plickers session.

  • Students are each assigned a card number and will hold up their specific card to answer your questions. The scanner detects the orientation of the bar code on the card, determines the intended answer choice, and attributes it to the student linked to that card.

  More info

If you're keen to try out Plickers, we have a detailed Getting Started Guide available here. It covers setting up your Plickers account, and also leading a Plickers session in the classroom.

Plickers Pro

In addition to our free offering, we also provide a subscription-based product, which includes additional features like advanced content sharing and design (there's more information available at this link).

Plickers Pro can be purchased on a single or group-order basis. The group order facility is popular at a school or district level, as organizations look to provide tools for their teachers. There are also a range of bulk discounts available.

For more details about group orders, feel free to browse through the article linked here.

Remote learning

We've added a remote learning capability to the Plickers platform. It's called E-Learning.

We've tried to keep the workflow as similar as possible to traditional Plickers. It's still a synchronous tool, but the main difference is that students answer questions using a device at home rather than cards. For more information, head over to our E-Learning section here.

The core offering of Plickers still centers around in-class learning, but we're proud to offer this remote learning capability as the need for virtual teaching continues.


Thank you very much for considering using Plickers. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team by emailing

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