Set Reports

Set Reports provide a comprehensive look at the data for any set. This includes a Student Overview of percentages that you can sort alphabetically by student name, or numerically by total score.

To see and work with Set Reports, go into Scoresheet and select the class you want to work with. Upon selecting the class, you will see a table with your students’ names and the questions/sets you have queued to that class. Click on any question or set to get basic information about your results. Then click on Go To Report to see a full summary of your data.

Reports for Sets of Questions

If you want to see a Report for an entire Set of questions, from the Table in Scoresheet, click on the name of that Set, and then click on Go to Report. That will provide cumulative data for all of the questions that you have used in that Set. Set Reports will provide you with the overall results that you can configure in different ways, and it will give you access to each question in the lower part of the screen.

Reports for Individual Questions within Sets

If you want to look at the results for individual questions that are part of a set, click on one of the questions in your Scoresheet table (you’ll see the Set name on top and the individual questions below). You can then move from one question to the next by using the gray R/L arrow buttons, or the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also access data on individual questions in your Set by clicking on that question from the Set Report screen. By clicking on an individual question, you will see the exact answers for all students, and any absentees recorded. Toggle between the grid and the full-frame options to get a personalized view of your data. 

Archive/Delete Report


From the primary Report screen, you also have the option to Archive or Delete your Report. Any Report you Archive can be Unarchived by going to your Reports tab, clicking on the 3-dot drop-down menu and selecting View Archived Reports.  

You can delete a report at any time, but this function cannot be undone. You will be prompted and asked to confirm before the deletion occurs. By confirming, you will permanently delete that report and its data.

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