Overview - Plickers E-Learning

Plickers sessions can be run remotely by using our E-Learning feature.

If you're interested in using Plickers remotely, the following section of our Help Center provides all the information you'll need to get comfortable with E-Learning.

How E-Learning compares to Card-based Plickers

To keep things familiar, E-Learning has been designed to reflect the nature of Card-based Plickers as closely as possible.

This means that it is still a synchronous tool, and you'll continue to use the Now Playing screen to move through your questions.

The main difference is that students will provide their answers by using their own device, rather than a Plickers Card. They'll do this by first clicking on a unique individual link that takes them to, where they'll answer your questions as you move through the session.

Switching between E-Learning and Cards

If all your students switch from face-to-face to remote learning (and vice versa) regularly, it’s possible to quickly and easily switch between Cards and E-Learning mode. More information about this is available here.

Using E-Learning alongside Cards in class (Hybrid mode)

If your class is split, with some students learning from home and some present in the classroom, it's possible to use E-Learning alongside Plickers Cards in the same session.

You can include both groups by making use of Hybrid mode. More information about this can be found at this link.

E-Learning video tutorial

As a quick guide, we have included our video tutorial below:


Going further, the articles included in this section of the Help Center will take you through E-Learning in detail, starting with how to set it up within your Plickers account.

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