Step 2: Open the Now Playing window

At this point, you'll have all your relevant content ready to go for your upcoming class, and added to your Class Queue.

So, this next step begins when you're in the classroom with your students.

  What is the Now Playing window?

The Now Playing window displays questions to your students. It's accessed via on your laptop/computer. Teachers then tend to use a projector to display their screen to the class. There's more information about Now Playing available at this link. Playing 2.gif

  1. Go to on your laptop/computer

  2. Click on the 'Now Playing' button in the top left-hand corner

    This button will take you to an empty 'Now Playing' screen.

  3. Connect your computer to your projector/display

    Connecting to your projector or smartboard at this point means that your students will only see the Now Playing window, and not your Plickers profile or your upcoming Queue.

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