Overview - Using Plickers in class

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Follow the 7-point list further down this page to quickly learn how to use Plickers in class. If you need further guidance, each of the following articles goes through the steps one-by-one in finer detail.

After making your way through our 'Setting up Plickers' tutorial, you should now be geared up and ready to use Plickers in your classroom.

In this next section, we'll go through how to play your Sets to your students, scan their cards, and collate their results.

Using Plickers in your Classroom

As you'll know, Plickers is based on both the web (at and on our mobile app, and it's the app that really comes into play in the classroom - we see it as a 'remote control' that can be used to orchestrate your Plickers sessions.

These are the steps we like to take when using Plickers in class:

  1. Add content to your Class Queue before class

  2. Select 'Now Playing' from and connect your laptop to the projector/display

  3. Open the Plickers mobile app, select your Class, and tap on your first Set

  4. Enter the scanner in the app after asking your first question

  5. Scan your students' cards as they hold them up to answer the question

  6. View instant results after stopping scanning

  7. Move on to your next question, or exit the session by tapping 'x'

There you have it! Your class has been quizzed and the results are ready for review - to see your reporting options, click here.

And don't forget, there's more information available about each step in the following articles within this section.

  More info

We've also created a remote learning version of Plickers. Click here for details.

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