Syncing delays during Now Playing

Use this article if:

It's taking longer than usual for the following to occur during Now Playing:

  • Student names highlighting in blue once their card is scanned
  • Using the mobile app to reveal the correct answer and/or show the graph after scanning
  • Using the mobile app to switch questions in a Set
If you're noticing delays in the time it takes for the mobile app to communicate with during a Plickers session, please send us an email at and include as much info from the steps below as you can. This will help us locate the issue as efficiently as possible (thanks in advance!).

If you're not able to access Plickers at all (either through the app or, please head over to this article.

First thing to check:

Our system uses an application called Pusher to facilitate communication between the Plickers app on your mobile device and on your computer. So the first thing to do would be to ensure that the following domain is whitelisted in your school's network (your IT team should be able to help with this):

  • wss:// on port 443
  More info

For details on what this and other domains are used for within Plickers, please head over to our dedicated article linked here.

Diagnostic tests

There are also a couple of diagnostic tests that will help us find the issue. Please try the below and let us know what you find:

  •   Tip

    It's possible to try this diagnostic test outside your classroom without your students present. To do so, start playing a Set or Question for a Class as you would normally. You can then scan the cards in the document linked here from your screen, in order to move through your questions.

    Please follow the steps below:
    1. Log in to Plickers on both your computer and mobile device
    2. Start a Plickers session for one of your Classes
    3. Open the scanner and scan a couple of cards from the document linked here
    4. Stop scanning
    5. From your mobile device, select 'Show Correct'
    6. If the correct answer doesn't then show on your computer (the Now Playing screen at, refresh the page on your computer.

    Please let us know if the correct answer shows on your computer after you refresh.

  • It might be that the root of the issue is within your network. So, it would be helpful to know if using mobile data helps (i.e. turning off wifi).

    If you can, it's best to do this for both your mobile device and your computer.

    You can use mobile data on your computer by connecting to a hotspot from your smartphone. If you need guidance on how to do this, please contact us at

    This step can be seen as both a diagnostic test (to help us figure out if your network is the source of the issue) and a temporary workaround so you can continue using Plickers (while the situation is investigated further).

We hope the above information is helpful for your situation. If not, please contact us at (with a few details about what you've tried above) and we'll investigate as soon as possible.

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