Error messages

If you ever have an issue with logging in to Plickers, you can use the error message that appears as a guide on what to do next.

Here we list the full range of error messages, and in each toggle box we've included a few pointers that might help:

  • If you are sure that you're using the correct email/password combination, it might be worth trying to sign in with a different email address, just in case. Sometimes duplicate accounts are inadvertently created, so we'd recommend checking if any of your alternative email addresses allow you to sign in.

    Please also consider if you used Google Sign in or Apple Sign in to access Plickers previously.

    If the above doesn't solve the issue, the next step would be to try resetting your password. You can do this by clicking the 'Forgot Password?' link at the bottom of the page. There's more information about that in the article linked here.

  • In this case, it could be that you originally signed up for Plickers by using Google Sign in or Apple Sign in.

    To access your account, please use the same method that you used to sign up originally.

    If you would also like the option to use the traditional (email/password) login method, you can set this up in your Account page at

  • If you see this message, then we have no record of the email address entered.

    If this doesn't make sense, sometimes we've seen that schools have very slightly changed their email address domain names. For example:

    • Let's say I previously had the email address, but my school has recently changed it to
    • If I was to try signing in to my Plickers account with the new, then I'd get the error message above
    • Therefore, I'd need to use my old email address to access my Plickers account
      More info

    To deal with this, it's possible to change your email address within Plickers. Information on how to do so is available at this link.

    So, if you're using a school email address to sign in, please double-check that it hasn't recently changed.
  • There are two possible reasons for this message.

    Either your internet is down, or there might be a network setting blocking communication with Plickers.

    For more information on what to do in this instance, please follow this link.

  • If you see this message even after trying again, this is likely something we'll need to investigate on our side.

    Please send an email to from the email address linked to your Plickers account, and include a reference to the error message displayed. We'll look into the problem as soon as possible.

And of course, if you have any general enquiries about anything at all, please feel free to drop us a line at - we'll be very happy to assist.

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