Connectivity - Overview

Plickers is designed to be as accessible as possible to all teachers around the world.

Sometimes though, given the variety of ways networks deal with apps, Plickers might have trouble connecting through your school wifi.

If you are experiencing either of the issues shown below, then this is the section for you.

1. I'm unable to sign in to (or the Plickers mobile app) when using school wifi

  • In this case, we’d first recommend trying out the connectivity check in the next article in this section (linked here).

2. is not responding (or is responding, but slowly) to the Plickers mobile app during Now Playing (syncing issues)


And if things don’t work out, or if your problem isn’t featured here, you can contact us at - we’re here to make sure you get access to Plickers again (please remember to include in your email the steps you've tried in this section, so that we can solve the issue as quickly as possible for you).

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