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In this article we've included a number of FAQs about our Import Questions feature. Click on any of the toggle boxes below to find out the answer to each specific question.

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If you'd like to learn how to use Import Questions to efficiently add pre-prepared questions to Plickers, we have a dedicated How-to Guide available at this link here.

  • Use Import Questions to save time by copy-and-pasting in any questions you have available outside of Plickers.

    To start, copy a bunch of multiple-choice questions from your source. Then, paste the text into Import Questions. Check over and fix any issues, then Import into the Set Editor.

  • Websites, word processing documents and other quiz web apps like Kahoot work well.

    But you can also import from things like PDFs and spreadsheets – basically, anywhere you can copy text from!

  • Send us a message using the Send Feedback button at the top of the Import Questions window, with a link to your source and we’ll see if we can support it.

    Unfortunately, not all sources will work well with Import Questions – some PDFs and websites can format text in an unusual way, so it makes them difficult to use.

  • Click on a Choice Letter on the left-hand side to make that choice correct.

    You can make a question a survey question by clicking on the Question Number, also on the left-hand side.

    You might find it easier to do these things after you’ve imported the questions into the Set Editor.

  • Sometimes when you copy and paste in questions, there will be recurring text like 'Question 1 of 5' or 'Answer'.

    Using Find and Remove Text, you can clean out all these bits at once. If you accidentally remove more than you wanted, you can always use the Undo button.

  • Often when you paste in questions, other pieces of text come along too: things like question numbers, choice letters (like A, B, C, D), and bullet points.

    You probably don’t want these in your final Plickers questions, so we can clean them out for you. We do this automatically by default, but you can also manually clean these elements yourself.

  • Sometimes questions will be mostly four-choice questions, with a few True/False questions thrown in.

    When you check through the questions, just press Enter in the main text area to add line breaks and line things up.

  • Unfortunately some sources format choices in an unusual way. To clean these up, click in to the main text area and press Enter to line them back up.

  • For True/False questions, selecting 2 choices at the top right of the Import Questions page should fix things up for you.

  • Import Questions only works with plain text. But, after you import your questions, you can add media to any question or answer choice by using the Set Editor (click here to find out more about this).

  • Try going to the 'Outline View' in Powerpoint and copying the text from there. Depending on how the presentation is formatted, it should import nicely into Plickers.

  • Free users are limited to 5 questions in a Set, but can use Import Questions for unlimited numbers of Sets. Pro users can import up to 75 questions at a time.

We hope the above information was useful for you. If there's anything else you'd like to ask us, please feel free to contact our support team by emailing

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