How to change student card numbers

There may come a time when you need to change a student's card number. You can do this quickly within the Students page at

Flash guide  

  1. In the left-hand sidebar of, select the Class you're working with
  2. Click on the graduation cap icon at the top right
  3. Select the student who needs their number changed
  4. In the right-hand sidebar, click Edit Student Card Number
  5. Choose their new card number from the dropdown list
  6. Confirm your choice
Here's a quick gif to show you how this is done: card number 3.gif

And we've included more detailed steps for you below:

  1. Sign in to on your laptop/computer

  2. Navigate to the Class that contains your student

    You can find your Class in the left-hand sidebar of your Plickers homepage.

  3. Click on the graduation cap icon Grad_cap_bordered.png

    The graduation cap icon is located in the top right-hand corner of your Class Homepage.

    When you click on it, you'll be taken to the Students page, which contains a list of your student names and card numbers. It looks like this:


  4. Select the name of the student you'd like to edit

    Their name will be highlighted in blue, and you'll see the edit options appear in the right-hand sidebar (a screenshot of this view is included in the next step).

  5. Click on the 'Edit Student Card Number' dropdown menu on the right


    A list of all the card numbers will appear, which includes both the available numbers, and those that are already assigned.

  6. Select your student's new card number

    This is straightforward if the new card number is available (i.e. isn't already assigned to a student).

    However, if you select a card number that's already assigned to a different student, then the two students will switch numbers.

    For instance, in the example below, Antonia is currently card number 6, but wants card number 2. But card number 2 belongs to Jing.


    By selecting Antonia and choosing card number 2, it means Jing will be switched to card number 6 at the same time.

  7. Confirm your choice in the resulting pop-up window

    In our example here, this is what appears:


    If you're happy with the new arrangement, click the blue Confirm New Card Number(s) button.

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