Class Reports

Scroll down to the middle of your Class Homepage to view your Class Reports. The Class Reports feature gives you a detailed understanding of student results from content your Class has recently played. You can use Class Reports to gain insights into trends in Student performance over time. 

Scroll down past the Class Queue sections of your Class Homepage to see a list of your Latest Reports, a detailed history of the most recent content you have played with this Class.

  1. Click on See All Class Reports to view a complete history of the content you’ve played.
  2. From the full list of Reports, click on any content to view students’ results in further detail. 

Set Level View in Class Reports


A variety of different features allow you to modify how you view results in Class Reports, for faster and more efficient grading.

  • Click on a specific Question to see results in fullscreen mode.
    • Graded Questions will show a green line beneath the one correct answer and red lines under other answer choices.
    • Survey questions will have blue lines under all responses.
  • Select All to display all Questions.
  • Choose Answered to display only the Questions you have previously played with students from this Class.
  • Use the grid icon on the right-hand side to adjust the way the Questions appear on the page.

Whether you’re viewing Reports for All Questions or Answered Questions, you will see buttons on the right-hand side that allow you to:

  • Continue Playing, which will return you to the Now Playing screen.
  • Go to Set Detail, which will reveal the Set in Your Library for additional editing.
  • Archive, which will remove the Report from your Class Homepage and Scoresheet views but not delete it.
  • Delete the Report, which will permanently delete student results for this play.

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