How to remove a Class

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  1. At, click on Your Classes in the left-hand sidebar
  2. Click the Archive button next to the Class you'd like to remove
  3. Stop at this point if you want to keep your Class archived for future reference
  4. If you want to permanently delete your Class, click on the Archived Classes tab
  5. Click the Delete button next to your Class, and select the confirm button, to permanently delete your Class
Let's say you've reached the end of the school year, and you want to stay organized for next semester by removing a Class from your Plickers list.

You have two options:

  1. Archive your Class

    This allows you to keep hold of your Class and student results, but the Class is removed from view. You'll be able to re-access and restore the Class at any time.

  2. Delete your Class

    This will permanently remove your Class, and all the associated student results within it.


In order to delete your Class permanently, you'll first need to go through the process of archiving it.

Archive a Class

If you'd like your Class list in your left-hand sidebar to be kept nice and clean, but still need access to old Class information, this is the option for you. Here's how to do it:

    1. Log in to on your laptop/computer

    2. Click on 'Your Classes' in the left-hand sidebar

      When you hover your cursor over Your Classes, you'll see the word Edit appear, like in the screenshot below:


    3. Locate your Class in the 'Manage Classes' pop-up window

      This looks like the below:


      You'll notice that there are two tabs - one called Active Classes, and one called Archived Classes. Remain within the Active Classes tab for now.

    4. Select the appropriate 'Archive' button on the right

      Take care to select the Archive button for the Class you intend to remove from your list.

      You'll see your Class disappear from view. It has now been moved to the Archived Classes tab.

      As you can see in the screenshot below, Example Class has moved from Active Classes to Archived Classes:


        More info

      If you need to make your Class available again, you can use the Make Active button shown above. We go through this in more detail within this article here.

Permanently delete a Class

If archiving doesn't go far enough for your needs, it is also possible to delete a Class permanently. To do this, you'll first need to go through the archiving process described above.


It's not possible to recover deleted Classes, so please take care when going through this process.

  1. At, click on 'Your Classes' in the left-hand sidebar

    You'll see the Manage Classes pop-up appear:


  2. Click on the 'Archived Classes' button

    You'll see a list of all the Classes you've archived in the past, like in the image below:


  3. Locate the Class you'd like to permanently delete

    You'll see two options available for each Class; the Delete option is on the right.

  4. Click on the 'Delete' button next to the appropriate Class

    It's not possible to recover deleted Classes, so please take care to perform this action for the correct Class. You'll also be asked if you're sure you want to go ahead with the deletion.

  5. If you're sure, click on 'Yes, Delete'


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