Is Plickers Free?

Q: Do I have to pay to use Plickers?

A: The core of Plickers will always be free for teachers! This means that teachers will always be able to:

  • Print cards
  • Create Questions & Sets
  • Scan students’ answers
  • Access scanning data with Reports and Scoresheet
  • Publish content 

Teachers and schools can upgrade to Plickers Pro, which offers additional features:

  • Create Sets with an unlimited number of Questions
  • Add images to Questions using our built-in image search
  • Longer & customizable Scoresheet ranges
  • Share Packs privately with other Plickers Pro users


Q: How much does Plickers Pro cost?

A: Plickers Pro subscription options:

Monthly Membership Annual Membership

$8.99/month (USD)

Recurring monthly bill

$5.99/month (USD)

Save 33% by paying for the full year all at once!

  • When you upgrade for the first time, you'll get a 14-day trial before your card is charged.
  • For entire departments, schools, or districts, we offer discounts for bulk orders of 5 or more annual memberships.
  • Please reach out via our Group Order google form to let us know how we can meet your needs!


Q: Is Plickers Free limited to 5 Questions?

A: No! You can create as many individual Questions or Sets as you want. However, with Plickers Free, you are limited to 5 Questions in each Set.


Q: What happens if I downgrade from Plickers Pro to Plickers Free?

A: Any content you made using Pro features will remain unchanged in your Library. You’ll retain access to:

  • Any Sets you already created with more than 5 Questions
  • Questions with images added via the built-in image search
  • Any old Reports or Scoresheet data

However, you won't be able to make new content using these features. 

Without a Pro subscription, you’ll lose access to:

  • Any Shared Packs that you were a part of. 
  • Your ability to share Packs with other users (although you can still use Packs to organize your content).

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