Keyboard shortcuts in the Editor

Click the keyboard icon at the bottom-right of your Editor screen to display numerous keyboard shortcuts.

If you'd like to know how to get to the Editor, please follow this link.

Here's the full list:

  • New Question: [Enter]
  • Cut Question: [Ctrl] [X]
  • Copy Question: [Ctrl] [C] 
  • Paste Question: [Ctrl] [V]
  • Duplicate Question: [Ctrl] [D] 
  • Delete Question: [Delete] 
  • Go To Previous Question: [Arrow Up]
  • Go To Next Question: [Arrow Down]
  • Go To First Question: [Shift] [Arrow Up]
  • Go To Last Question: [Shift] [Arrow Down]
  • Move Up: [Ctrl] [Arrow Up]
  • Move Down: [Ctrl] [Arrow Down]
  • Move to Beginning: [Ctrl] [Shift] [Arrow Up]
  • Move to End: [Ctrl] [Shift] [Arrow Down]

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