Cards Overview

To use Plickers with a class, you’ll need a card for every student.

To get started, download a free, printable set of Plickers cards! Or, order a set of durable, pre-printed plastic cards for your class on Amazon. Explore all the Plickers card options on the Get Plickers Cards page!

Using your cards

To answer, students will rotate their cards so that their answer choice (A, B, C, or D) is at the top. See our help page on Scanning your Student Answers for additional tips on using cards!

Be sure to have students, especially in elementary school, participate in a few practice runs before you begin assessing with cards so that students understand how to:

  • Rotate their card so that their chosen answer choice is at the top
  • Ensure that their Plickers card is facing the teacher while answering
  • Hold their card still and straight until it is scanned

Plickers Card Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the same card set for multiple classes?

A: Yep! When you set up your classes & students, you'll assign each student a card number. You might have, for example, the #1 card assigned to six different students, one in each of six classes. Since they're not in the same class period at the same time, the #1 card will only be read as one individual student -- the one associated with that particular class period the poll question is planned for.

This can work particularly well if you:

  • Order a set of sturdy plastic cards from
  • Leave a card attached to each desk or seat
  • Use an assigned seating system so that you know where every student will be seated during class


Q: How do you recommend printing these cards?

A: To ensure that the Plickers app reads the cards quickly and easily, we'd recommend printing on white paper or cardstock. You can also laminate the cards to make them more durable, but try to avoid laminating the cards if you do not have a matte laminating option; the typical glossy lamination creates glare on the cards that can make them difficult for the app to read as quickly.

Another way you can make your cards more durable is to have students paste them onto the inside cover of a notebook; this way they always have the cards for class (well, at least they should!) When doing so, you may want to encourage students to paste these in with a random orientation (not all with A at the top) so that when they're holding up their answers, they can still have anonymous answers.


Q: Why does the standard set of cards feature a smaller font for the letter answers? Why aren't the answers written on the back of the cards?

A: We want you to have the most accurate data possible about what your students know and don't know, and we want your students to feel comfortable answering honestly. The small print of the answers and the unique shapes on each Plickers card help protect students' privacy so they can answer questions without worrying about what their classmates think of their answer. If you still think your class would benefit from a larger print version, it's available on the Get Plickers Cards page!

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