Troubleshooting Now Playing

If you are having problems displaying content on the Now Playing page, please try the following:

  1. Make sure you have selected content using the Plickers mobile app. Now Playing will only display Content that you have initiated in the Plickers mobile app through your Class Queue or Library.
  2. Check the internet connection for both your mobile device and web connection. If the question is displayed on your mobile app, but not on, you may have a problem with your internet connection. Because the Plickers mobile app works offline, you will still see results on your mobile device even if it is not connected to the internet.


For Android users who are seeing the wrong answer when scanning their student cards, use these steps to properly calibrate your answers:

To calibrate your mobile device correctly, set up a card upright, with answer A at the top.

  1. Open your app & select a Question or Set to play.
  2. Press the blue scan circle and open the graph tray so you can see which answer the app is scanning.
  3. Scan the card. If the answer scanned is not A, you'll need to change the Scanner Calibration setting.

To change the Scanner Calibration setting:

  1. Click on the "Settings" button, located at the bottom right of your phone screen.
  2. Click the button for "Scanner Calibration."
  3. You can either test each setting until it scans correctly, or follow the guide below.
    • With the card showing A while using the "Default" calibration:
      • If the scanner reports B, use the 270° setting.
      • If the scanner reports C, use the 180° setting.
      • If the scanner reports D, use the 90° setting.

If you are still having problems with Now Playing, please contact our support team at

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