Apple Sign-in

You can use Apple Sign-in to access both your web account and your Plickers iOS mobile app.


Add Apple Sign-in to your existing Plickers account

If you're already a Plickers user and you'd like to start using Apple Sign-in, we would recommend setting it up within your Plickers account by following the steps below:

  1. Head over to

    Or click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of your homepage.

  2. Scroll down to the 'Sign in and Authentication' section

  3. Click on the link called 'Add Apple Sign-in'


    A dialog box will appear (shown in the next step).

  4. Enter your Apple ID and then your password



    Your Apple ID should match the email address that is linked to your Plickers account.

    You'll then be provided with a verification code to enter into the next window:


  5. Move through the last couple of questions

  6. Back in Plickers, confirm that you want to add Apple Sign in


    You'll then see the update has been made in your Plickers Account page, under the Sign in and Authentication heading.

Create a new Plickers account using Apple Sign-in

If you're new to Plickers, it's possible to create a new Plickers account simply by selecting Sign in with Apple when you sign up.

You can do this via the web (at or via our mobile app, but we would recommend starting out at in your web browser on your laptop/computer.

Once you've signed up, we'd also suggest adding a password/email combination as a back-up sign in method. You'll find the option to do this under the Sign in and Authentication section of your Account page.

For more information on how to get started with Plickers in general, feel free to check out our Getting Started Guide here.

Additional info

Select the toggle boxes below to reveal additional information:

  • One of the privacy features of Apple Sign-in is the ability to hide your email address and use a 'private relay' address. Please note though that this feature is only available for new Plickers accounts.


    If you need to contact our support team about an account with a private relay address enabled, please have that information ready so our team can locate your account. You can find your private relay email address on your account page at

  • It's not possible to enable both Apple Sign-in and Google Sign-in within one account at the same time.

    But if your Apple ID, your Google email address, and your Plickers email address are all the same, you will be able to use either Apple or Google to sign in to Plickers at any time.

    You can also manually control this in your account page, where you'll see the links to either Remove Apple Sign-in or Remove Google Sign-in.


Select the toggle boxes below to expand and show the answer:

  • Don't worry, your content is safe - it's likely that a new account has inadvertently been created. This can happen if your Apple ID is different to your Plickers email address.

    Please double check that you've signed in to your Plickers account using the correct email address.

  • Apple Sign-in is only available on the iOS app, so if you're using an Android device, the option won't be visible.

    If you're on iOS and you still can't see the button, please contact support.

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