Step 4: Get Plickers Cards

Here's an example of a Plickers card (card number 1 to be precise):


Students will use these cards to answer Plickers questions in your classroom.

When you created your Classes at, each of your students would have been assigned a number - it's this number that corresponds to the card they'll use.

Here's how you can get hold of a set of Plickers cards:

  1. Option 1: Print our standard cards from here

    There are other printable options available too. For more information, head over to our Get Cards help page.

  2. Option 2: Purchase our durable All-Plastic cards from Amazon

    We also sell stickers to transform any flat surface into a Plickers card.


Even after creating your Classes, you can change a student's card number - click here to find out how.

And for more information about our cards, have a look at our Cards Overview page.

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