Overview - Setting up Plickers

  How to use this guide:

Follow the 5-point list further down this page to quickly move through the set-up process. If you need further guidance, each of the following articles goes through the steps one-by-one in finer detail.

Thanks so much for trying out Plickers!

Plickers is an inclusive educational platform that helps you assess your class by scanning student cards.

You'll be able to collect, collate and compare student results quickly and easily, without the need for additional student devices, and all the while keeping your class engaged.

Setting up your Plickers account

  What is the Plickers platform?

Plickers is made up of both our website ( and our mobile app. The website can be seen as your main HQ, while the app is generally used as a 'controller' for sessions in the classroom. To find out more about Plickers, feel free to follow this link

For this 'Setting up Plickers' tutorial, you'll mainly be working within on your laptop/computer (the app comes into play a little later on).
  1. On your laptop/computer, sign up for a free account at

  2. Add your Classes and students 

  3. Create content by building Sets of questions

  4. Print or purchase your Plickers cards

  5. Download the Plickers mobile app

And that's it! For more details, you can move on to our next articles, or if you're already set up and ready for class, feel free to check out our section on using Plickers in your classroom.
  More info

We've also created a remote learning version of Plickers. Click here for details.

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