Overview - Remote Learning

This school year brings enormous challenges for many educators. We’d like to share our respect and admiration for all teachers. We know how hard you work for your students.

We understand that there are many different classroom scenarios, including different forms of hybrid teaching and scheduling. This guide is designed to help teachers understand how Plickers can fit into their classroom.

Using Plickers Cards and Plickers E-Learning 

Generally, Plickers is designed for in-classroom teaching using our standard Plickers Cards. We're also offering a new E-Learning feature that allows students to participate securely at home and answer Questions in real-time.

Throughout this school year, you will be able to use Plickers E-Learning seamlessly alongside Plickers Cards.


Note:  Plickers is not a great fit for classrooms adopting an “asynchronous” learning model. Plickers does not support “asynchronous” or “self-paced” learning. We'd recommend using an alternative platform for this – many of our teachers will be using Quizizz, Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, and Kahoot for self-paced assignments.

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