Covid & Remote Learning FAQs

We've included a few commonly asked questions below, regarding remote learning in the context of the current Covid situation.

If you have a query about anything that isn't covered here, or would like to learn more, please feel free to message our support team at, or click here to submit a ticket.

I can’t see my scenario listed!

Please email us at with details of your classroom environment and we’ll let you know if Plickers can help!

What about absent students?

Students who are absent from school are able to connect live using Plickers E-Learning to participate from home. If students are unable to fit the class schedule, you can print out Plickers Sets as worksheets for them to complete at home, however, we’d probably recommend using a self-paced student learning tool instead.

Will I be able to scan cards and use E-Learning at the same time?

Yes! In Now Playing on the Plickers website, you can choose between:

  • Cards Mode – standard Now Playing view – use when all students are participating in-person via cards
  • E-Learning Mode – private teacher view – use when all students are participating remotely via E-Learning
  • Hybrid Mode – standard Now Playing view with added support for E-Learning – use when students are both remote and in-person

Do Plickers Cards work over Zoom?

Although some teachers have reported success using Plickers Cards over Zoom, we recommend using Plickers E-Learning as it’s been designed from the ground up for live remote learning.

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